(x,y,z) parametrized by t. Demo for the 3-D to 2-D transformation.
This script draws a vector valued function f(t) : ℜ → ℜ3 taking a scalar and returning a vector.
function f(t) { return [] }
start: stop: times:
scale: if you use Math.random() in the expressions.
rotate: [,[,]
Just enter three comma separated array fields for x(t),y(t),z(t) into the input field between the [].
Use JavaScript and the variable "t". Example: 12*Math.cos(t),35*Math.sin(t),t/2 for [x,y,z]=f(t).
Times is the number of steps over the interval [start, stop] as well as the resolution of the lineTo pieces.
For the ℜ3 → ℜ2 transformation specification click here.
Another animated z=f(x,y) demo with is found by clicking here.